Fake Mailers Divert Donations from Area Fire Departments

FAKE MAILERS are diverting donations away from volunteer fire departments in Pennsylvania...

The following article has been shared with us regarding a group called "Volunteer Firefighter Alliance" from Topeka, Kansas soliciting funds throughout Pennsylvania. A sample obtained from the Pocono Record shown below and at the attached link illustrates a real fire department donation request vs the fake request.

We are reminding the community that this group has no connection to our organization nor are any of the funds they are attempting to collect, being given back to our organization or benefiting us. Please help us spread the word about this solicitation attempt using the "volunteer fire department" or town name. We encourage all members of the community to be sure your donations are being mailed directly to your local volunteer fire department and not to this out of state group.

The article can be viewed in the image posted below or at the following link: http://www.poconorecord.com/news/20180813/fake-mailers-divert-donations-away-from-fire-department

Image belongs to Pocono Record