Jefferson Township 2018 Santa Route with Live Santa Tracking

LIVE Santa Tracking
We are excited to announce that Santa has provided us with his route around Jefferson Township for our annual “Santa Comes to Town” tradition this evening. This posting should only be used as a guide as we will do our best to stick to the posted times. Actual updates will be posted to our Facebook page. Watch and listen for the decorated firetrucks as Santa enters your development.

We are also excited to announce a new feature that will allow us to broadcast Santa's current location, in Jefferson Township, on Google Maps. Parents should utilize the following links to track Santa around Jefferson Township. Please choose the correct link based on which route, listed above, will cover your area. (This is something new we are trying out so we apologize in advance if there is any bugs with it)

**We do our best to hit as many areas as possible. It is impossible to cover every street. For safety reasons , we will not be stopping along any state roadways.



Utilize the following link to see Santa's exact location on the Grinch Route: CLICK HERE  <<TRACKING NOW DISABLED UNTIL 2019>>

Utilize the following link to see Santa's exact location on the Reindeer Route: CLICK HERE <<TRACKING NOW DISABLED UNTIL 2019>>