Critically Injured Accident Victim Reunites with Firefighters

It’s usually on the day of an emergency most first responders are used to hearing a simple thank you... Then after that, never hearing from the involved parties again. This past Tuesday, nearly 6 months after a violent Interstate crash, our responders got a special visit from Anthony Turko, shown here in the center of the photo with his son Mason, surrounded by our firefighters. It was Monday, September 17 when Anthony was involved in a violent accident on Interstate 84 when his pickup truck rear ended a tractor trailer. Rescue personnel worked diligently to cut the vehicle from around Anthony, understanding the importance of the golden hour and his critical condition. On Tuesday, firefighters got hear about Anthony’s journey to recovery, share stories and he also got to see those very tools we used to free him from his vehicle. While words could not express Anthony’s true gratitude, his presence and hearing about his remarkable journey left an impact on all firefighters as a reminder as to why we continue to do what we do, VOLUNTEER for our community.


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