2019 Tricky Tray Winners Posted – Carnival on the Mountain

We have received several requests from our annual Carnival on the Mountain regarding the winners of our Tricky Tray Raffle. First off, we would like to personally thank all the contributors and donors that made this part of our carnival a huge success. We would also like to thank all those who purchased raffle tickets. Our annual carnival is our largest fundraiser to help us raise money to pay our bills, maintain our apparatus and keep up-to-date with evolving technology. The listing of prizes and winners has been posted below. Congratulations to the winners! You should have all already been contacted via telephone. We apologize for any partial or misspelled names. They names have been transcribed as they where written on the ticket stub. We hope to see you again next year.


We have received a couple inquiries regarding the drawing of the tricky tray winners, which took place on Sunday, June 16. The drawing of the winners is NOT open to the public and we have practiced this routine for many years. We would like to help answer your questions and explain why we restrict the drawing.  Large signage is posted in the hall notifying potential winners of this restriction.


Imagine yourself being in a room with over 100 prizes, with each prize needing to have a ticket pulled, then the ticket stub with the contact information having to be located in a pile of several thousand stubs, then logged, tagged, and winner contacted. All this work takes concentration and silence to ensure accuracy. Imagine our volunteers trying to do all this work while being interrupted by onlookers talking, doors opening and closing, cell phones ringing and finally winners interrupting the drawing to try and take their winning basket. The actual drawing takes our volunteers several hours to complete accurately. It's tough work and our team needs strict silence to ensure accuracy. We have tried in the past to open the drawing to the public and the above mentioned situations are what our volunteers experienced. We hope you understand where we are coming from and why we restrict the drawing to the public.

Prize Winner
Margarita/Summer Kelsi Good
Bold Gold Radio Station Aaron Bailey
Rainbow Sprinkler Brenda Diehl
AMG Hair Salon Merle Lyon
Classy Lassy Irish Shop Caitlin Herne
Lottery Tickets Tiffany Young
Firetruck Becky Cooper
Rita’s Italian Ice Valerie Golden
Electric City Trolley Marty
TV Elouise Wood
Ski Shawnee Matt Boyle
Texas Roadhouse John Zielinski
Railriders Baseball Stacey Rochin
Pens/Pencils Boe Hinger
Coffee Sammi Clark
Electric City Harley Davidson Amanda Lucke
Rex Beavers Lawncare Lori Ashman Williams
Picnic Barb Cleveland
Cornhole Set Brian Beitz
Viewmont Mall $25 Julie Robak
Viewmont Mall $25 Marty Moran
NBT Bank Debra Ritter
Helmet William Mitchell
Weis $25 John Candy
Tall Riding Boots Kim Arnone
Frog Chair Stacey Lacek
Crockpot Thomas Kearney
Pasta Set Michelle Nuss
Avon Certificate Tracey Larssen
Igloo Cooler Haley Shaffer
Walmart $25 Brandon Cassidy
Walmart $25 Bill M
Short Riding Boots Megan Connors
Blender Lorrie Scheotzle
Corono Bucket Lauri Box
3 Med Dog Coats Deb Dempsey
Bear Chair Kelli Jarrow
Tasty Swirl Warren Kramer Jr
Reds Apple Ale Bucket Joe Guzzi
2 10″ Dog Coats Jude Wasileski
Elk Mountain Judy Santulli
Movie Basket Sharon Mullaney
Stourbridge Line Ann D.
Anchor Hocking Baking Set Maria Wasileski
Candy Sharon Mullaney
16″ Dog Coat Deb Dempsey
Bed, Bath, & Beyond Laura Himber
Bath Basket John Peters
Halter/Leg Wraps Cathy Gillette
Corono Bucket Kristy Incavido
Jenn A Snippers Austin Clark
Halter/Leg Wraps Furino
Thirty One Joyce Frisbie
Outside Toys Dawn T
Saddle Cover Julie Black
Mendicinos Robin Mayeski
Mendicinos James Shaffer
Snacks John Peters
Bear Chair Dawn T
J.S Purse Alex Froese
Hunters Gallery Panda
Johns Italian Restaurant Tracey Larssen
R Place Donna Smith
Omelette Maker Lila Fairclough
Monkey Chair Jamie Maher
Saddle Cover/Bag Cathy Gillette
Christmas Crochet Stacie Allen
Crayola Factory Alexes Leone
Crayola Factory Tanya Baldacci
Crayola Factory Lori Ashman Williams
Michael Kohrs Purse Alexes Leone
Ladies Active Michelle Nuss
Comfort Inn Gail McDonald
Tablet Amy Shaffer
Home Depot Debbie Kuester
Stinger Sauce Dawn T
Idle Hour Lanes Dorothy Sohns
Avon Karen McElroy
Price Chopper Dona Wall
Fire Co Glasses Judy Fritz
Y-Knot Paranich
Milewski Towing Michelle C
Weis $20 Dona Wall
Wine Debbie B
Saddle Bag/Cover Kari Jackson
Kays Daleville John Bomershein
Bath Robe Eva Carachilo
Fairy Garden Amy Aronica
Macy’s Money Alexis Dupliss
Helmet Bag Matt Boyle
Caboose Boe Hinger
Saddle Bag/Halter Steve Rak
Crochet Items Sue Goldbach
Roba’s Family Farms Dawn T
Taco Judie Grandjean
The Loading Dock Wanda Marie Browning
Valentine’s Amy Niero
Beach Bum Doreen K
Y-Knot Dona Wall
Dog Bed Lili Fairclough
Mannings Leeann Colo
Bodywash Sets Lori Ashman Williams
Mohegan Sun Kim Davis
Snacks Cassie Kruchinski
The Hair Depot Joan Antidormi
Rocking Chair Caitlin Herne
Fire Pit Gavin Anderson
Table Set Kay Propes
Ritter’s Cider Mill Joey Guzzi