Rescue Personnel Preplan for Offroad Rescue at Local Community Park

With the opening of a 0.75 mile walking trail at the site of the future Recreational Complex in Jefferson Township, firefighters took the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the park layout, learning crucial access and egress points that may need to be utilized during a rescue or medical emergency. Personnel also took the opportunity to test the ability of our off-road utility vehicle to navigate the trails with a loaded stokes basket, simulating a rescue. The great opportunity allowed firefighters to preplan and be ready, should an emergency ever occur on the property.


Township Officials have already secured an additional $400,000 to complete the next phase of the project. Phase 2 of the project includes the construction of the remaining access roadway and parking area. Construction is expected to begin on phase 2 in 2020, pending DEP permits.


Grant requests have also been submitted for phase 3 of the project which will include the installation of two multi-purpose fields and restroom facilities. Township officials expect to hear in early fall of 2019 if they have secured funding for this portion of the project. A draft of the recreational complex plan is included below outlining each phase. For those wishing to visit the walking trail, it can be found on Community Drive off Mt Cobb Road next to the Ritter's Farm Market property.


Local residents can help and give back to the park by donating plastic bags/packaging now through January 2020. Township officials have recently partnered with Trex to collect plastic bags and packaging to be recycled and turned into composite lumber. Jefferson Township is currently seeking to collect 500-pounds within a 6-month timeframe and Trex will donate a composite bench to the park. Township officials report they are well on their way to meeting their January 2020 goal with currently over 150lbs already collected. Eligible plastic items to be donated include soft plastic such as plastic shopping bags, cereal bags, bread bags, pallet wrap, water case wrapping, ziploc bags, bubble wrap, wood pellet bags, water softener salt bags, etc. The plastic must be dry and free of food residue. Those wishing to donate can drop off the soft plastic in collection bins at the recycling center on Saturday's from 9am to 11:30am. Collection bins are also available in the lobby of the municipal building and several local businesses.


Residents who would like to stay up to date on news and announcements regarding the Recreational Complex are encouraged to follow the Jefferson Township Facebook page.