Training Around Town: Low Angle Rope Rescue Training Helps Firefighters Prepare

In this weeks episode of "Training Around Town", the topic was low angle rope rescue. "Rescue 29 respond, vehicle over an embankment, people still in the vehicle, Interstate 84 eastbound"... That was the scenario this past Tuesday as firefighters gathered for our weekly in-house training session. The goal of this weeks training was to familiarize some newer members with our rope rescue equipment and allow them along with our other firefighters to become comfortable with building a low angle rescue haul system and practice this skillset. This scenario is far from being made up and has been an occurrence we have experienced several times over the last couple years. Practicing our skills allows our personnel to quickly, proficiently and safely perform the task should we ever encounter this scenario again. This was just one way we prepare to always be ready for the needs of our community. Watch for us in your neighborhood as each week we pick a different area to try and visit and train in.

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