Outdoor Burning & Dry Conditions Spark Brush Weekday Fire

Early notification of an out of control burn allowed firefighters to make an aggressive attack and quickly contain a brush fire on Monday. Crews where called around 2:30pm for a reported tree on fire in the backyard off Wimmers Road. Upon the arrival of firefighters, they found a brush fire quickly spreading through the woods, being fed by high wind, low humidity and dry conditions.

A reminder to all that outside fires should NEVER be left unattended, even for just a minute. Outdoor burning during Increased Fire Danger warnings by the National Weather Service is NEVER recommended and should not be ignored. Burning during these warnings can put not only your property at risk of being destroyed but also your neighbor’s property. Technology now allows warnings just like this one from the National Weather Service to be pushed directly to mobile telephones. Do your part to help prevent forest fires!!