Rescue 29 Assists Jessup with Rope Rescue

Rescue 29 was called just after 9pm Sunday as the third due rescue on an assist to Jessup Fire Companies, Rescue 25 & Rescue 31, to Valley View Drive in Jessup, for a reported vehicle over an embankment. The incident soon was upgraded to a tractor trailer over an embankment with the driver still in the vehicle. Rescue 21 and Rescue 59 were also added to the incident for additional support with the anticipation of a haul system being needed. Rescue 29 arrived on scene and assisted with immediately setting up a lowering system to lower two rescuers approx 100+ feet to the victim. Rescuers where able to evaluate and treat the victim and determine the best route of egress back to the hardtop while other Rescuers topside prepared the haul system. The incident proved to show the amount of recourses, equipment and skills that are needed for rope rescues. Rescue 29 operated on scene for 2 hours.