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Thank you for stopping by our website and thank you for potentially having an interest in becoming an active member with the Jefferson Township Volunteer Fire Company! We hope that after reading this, you will have an interest in volunteering and helping your community. Our community is in need of people like you! As you may or may not be aware, you do not need to fight fires to become a member of our organization. Our current members are made up of a wide variety of individuals with all different occupations and skill sets. Our members range from truck drivers, to nurses, to roofers, to elevator technicians, to tow truck operators, to vinyl sign experts, to college students, to legal professionals, to professional firefighters. Your skills and experience will be a welcomed addition to our family.

The volunteer emergency services are a long-standing tradition in the United States that often encompass families generation after generation. Unfortunately, it is also a tradition in danger of weakening. Many fire departments across the Nation today, including our own, are experiencing more difficulty with recruiting and retaining members than ever before. Although there has been a decline in the number of active volunteer firefighters nationally from a high of 897,750 in 1984, the trend has changed in the last few years. The number of volunteers dipped to a low of 770,100 volunteers in 1989. While the number has increased since then, the problem of recruitment and retention is still serious in many areas, including our own. The most recent figures (2014) indicate over 788,250 volunteer firefighters, 73 percent of the Nation’s firefighting forces.

Not only are the volunteers who respond to nearly 200 requests for emergency service annually important to make our organization successful, but the volunteers who help us maintain apparatus, perform maintenance on our building/grounds, general upkeep of our banquet hall, sell fundraiser tickets and assist at them, and also help to ensure accurate record keeping and balanced books are also just as important to ensure we keep our doors open. Without our dedicated members who do not respond on emergency calls and community support, we would not have the facility, apparatus and state-of-the-art equipment we have available today.

Any time of day, any time of night, 365 days a year, an emergency could arise. Our volunteers frequently stop what they are doing, to respond and have a fire apparatus on the road typically within 4 minutes to assist the citizens of and traveling through our community that are in need. They also respond to assist our bothering in many surrounding communities including Elmhurst-Roaring Brook, Jessup Borough, Lake Township, Moscow Borough, South Canaan Township, Spring Brook Township.

So before you say, this isn’t for me, stop in any Tuesday night and have a discussion with one of our members. There is something for EVERYONE to do to give back to your community. Any time, even if its just an hour a month is a huge help. Just think, if everyone says this isn’t for me or I don’t have time, who will be there to ensure our emergency services are there for the community when they need them? There is a job for everyone. Something as simple as mopping a banquet hall floor once a month, taking out a garbage can, waving a flashlight at a accident scene to help direct traffic, or even cutting someone trapped out of their car. WE HAVE A JOB FOR EVERYONE!!

Junior members are welcome to join, as young as 14 years old.

Our members meet every Tuesday evening from 7pm to 9pm to perform training and complete necessary work duties. The first Tuesday of every month at 7pm is our monthly regular business meeting.

Your community needs people like you, VOLUNTEER today!

Click here to download a copy of our membership application. To submit, drop off any Tuesday night or reach out to us to schedule a meeting. Again, thank you for stopping by our website and thank you for potentially having an interest in becoming an active member with the Jefferson Township Volunteer Fire Company to help your community!

Interested in Joining?

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2021 Officers

Fire Chief:Donald Wallace
1st Assistant Chief:Jason Crambo
2nd: Assistant Chief:Michael Milewski, Jr.
3rd Assistant Chief:Benjamin Shaffer
Benjamin Shaffer
Vice President:Michael Shaffer
Secretary:Pamela Shaffer
Treasurer:Marie Tierney
Panel of Directors:Jason Crambo
Kenneth Notari
Michael Potter
Richard Sadowski
David Shaffer

2018 Committee Chairmen

Address Signs:Michael Shaffer
Breakfast Buffet:Donald Wallace
Bylaws:Jason Crambo
Carnival:Pamela Shaffer
Chicken/Rib BBQ:Michael Shaffer
Coin Drop (May):Michael Shaffer
Coin Drop (Sept):Michael Shaffer
Communications:Jason Crambo
Cookie Walk:Kim Koenig
Corn Beef Dinner:Ralph Doerrie
Engineer:Benjamin Shaffer
Fire Prevention:Donald Wallace
Fund Drive:Nicole Frey
Hall/Pavilion Rental:Kim & Mark Koenig
Hoagie Sale(s):Dawn Teeter
Incident Billing:Jason Crambo
Installation Dinner:Michael Potter
Membership:Panel of Directors
Property Maintenance:Michael Shaffer
Wing Sale:Jason Crambo