2022 Tricky Tray Winners Posted – Carnival on the Mountain

We would like to personally thank all the contributors and donors to the 2022 Carnival on the Mountain Tricky Tray Basket Raffle. Your contributions made this part of our carnival a huge success. We would also like to thank all those who purchased raffle tickets. Our annual carnival is our largest fundraiser to help us raise money to pay our bills, maintain our apparatus and keep up-to-date with evolving technology. The listing of prizes and winners has been posted below. Congratulations to the winners! You should have all already been contacted via telephone. We apologize for any partial or misspelled names. They names have been transcribed as they where written on the ticket stub. We hope to see you again next year!


In the past we have received inquiries regarding the drawing of the tricky tray winners, which take place after the final night of the Carnival. The drawing of the winners is NOT open to the public and we have practiced this routine for many years. We would like to help answer your questions and explain why we restrict the drawing.


Imagine yourself being in a room with over 75 prizes, with each prize needing to have a ticket pulled, then the ticket stub with the contact information having to be located in a pile of several thousand stubs, then logged, tagged, and winner contacted. All this work takes concentration and silence to ensure accuracy. Imagine our volunteers trying to do all this work while being interrupted by onlookers talking, doors opening and closing, cell phones ringing and finally winners interrupting the drawing to try and take their winning basket. The actual drawing takes our volunteers several hours to complete accurately. It's tough work and our team needs strict silence to ensure accuracy. We have tried in the past to open the drawing to the public and the above mentioned situations are what our volunteers experienced. We hope you understand where we are coming from and why we restrict the drawing to the public.

Basket #PrizeWinning Ticket #Winner
1Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Basket4539Michelle
2Red Lobster Gift Card Gift Card1953Marion Walton
3Mendicino's Gift Certificate 5629Pohnsky
4Texas Roadhouse5097Michael Kuester
5Rita's Italian Ice Gift Certificate5890Michelle Beckhorn
6Thai Rak Thai Gift Card5970Leonard & Marina
7Mission BBQ Basket6193Chelsea Simonani
8Hunter's Gallery3350Helene Altier
9Thai Rak Thai Gift Card5256Fran Pantuso
10Idle Hour Lanes Gift Certificate5782Jeff Jarrow
11Grill Accessories2961Peggy Shaffer
12Kay's Pizza Gift Certificate5359Iva Rutkowski
13Movie Night Basket6428William Kuniegel
14Mount Airy Lodge & Casino4450Peter Zawicki
15Coffee Accessories Basket6034Carol Tucker
16Hamlin Car Wash Basket5261Elaine Travis
17YMCA Gift Certificate3096Brooke Stevens
18NAPA Auto Parts Car Wash Bucket6260Elaine Travis
19Skirmish Paintball Gift Certificate5009Ann Marie Cebula
20Pocono Raceway5307Nora Pencek
21Grasshopper Lawns Gift Certificate3013Kayla Kelly
22Sundae Snack Basket4807Lauri Box
23Kids Tent Slumber Set4365Emmett Frey
2432" LED Television2020B. Hull
25Fireside Martini Grill Gift Card5295Nick Franceschelli
26Maiolatesi Wine Cellar5253Robert Altieri
27Red Lobster Gift Card Gift Card4818Charity Garrett
28Mr. Yock Gift Set4698Melanie Bentler
29Kids Picnic Table & Chairs Set3316Flo Barry
30Kids Swimming Pool3125Michelle
31Grasshopper Lawns Gift Certificate5305Nora Pencek
322 Piece Tool Set4502Oliver
33Red Lobster Gift Card Gift Card2357Carrie W.
34Gnome w/ Flag Wooden Painting5575Wendy Youchock
35The Eastery By Jessica Gift Certificate6278Paul Lassiter
36Coopers Seafood Gift Certificate3487Jayce
37"Welcome" Handmade Wreath4844Mike Hyduchak
38Handmade Necklace with Elephant5384Max Makura
39Red, White & Blue Wreath1949Chris Carling
40John's Italian Restaurant Gift Certificate6405Mike Delevan
41Gnome w/ Bird Seed Canvas Painting3881Amy Shaffer
42Handmade Necklace with Sunflowers4425William
43Mason Jar Canvas Painting3552Cathy Werner
44Crunch Fitness Bag6077Alexes Mitchell
45Fishing Pole with Tackle Box6378Greg Anelli
46Handmade Necklace with Turtle4359Mary Plevyak
47Advanced Auto Car Wash Bucket with Accessories5366Kathy Dubranski
48Handmade Necklace with Flower3320Flo Barry
49Handmade Silver Bracelet5488Samuel Damiano Jr.
50Handmade Necklace with Owl2383Melissa L.
51Handmade Necklace with Silver Heart4416William
52The Eastery By Jessica2613Joe Yasinskas
53Red Lobster Gift Card4633Carla Learn
54Hammock Hanging Chair5179Lauren Bryan
55Hammock5208J. Laggan
56Charcoal Grill1972Kristy J.
57Fire Pit5554Jim Karlavige
58Fresh Flowers - Pink5238J. Laggan
59Fresh Flowers - Purple1995Sandy Novobilski
60Fresh Flowers - Multi5797Kelli Javer
61Fresh Flowers - Light Pink5435Marie Tierney
62M&M's / Lottery Basket6313Kodi Bigelow
63Jefferson Township Fire Company Basket4696Mariah Bentler
64Jefferson Township Fire Company Basket3990Elaine Bartholme
65Laundry Basket filled with Products3989Elaine Bartholme
66Handmade Dream Catcher5166Kaylin Jankowski
67Mountain Gems Necklace5872Mckenna Dempsey
68Animal Crackers / Lottery Basket5157Brittany Pagnotti
69Papparazzi Basket2633T. Scott
70Handmade Diamond Painting6181M. Lindrer
71Portable Canopy6231Anne Martino
72Keyser Valley Auto Wreckers Picnic Set4916Sean
73Milewski Towing Patriotic Uncle Sam Gnome2884Kim Yablonski
74Wizzard of Paws Dog Basket6304Kodi Bigelow
75Silver Knife Set3759Rose Hedglin
76R Place Gift Guard & Hoodie5247Heidi Willis
77Shawnee Mountain Tickets5778Jeff Jarrow
78Solar Lights6018Janet Smoke

Rescue 29 Assists Jessup with Rope Rescue

Rescue 29 was called just after 9pm Sunday as the third due rescue on an assist to Jessup Fire Companies, Rescue 25 & Rescue 31, to Valley View Drive in Jessup, for a reported vehicle over an embankment. The incident soon was upgraded to a tractor trailer over an embankment with the driver still in the vehicle. Rescue 21 and Rescue 59 were also added to the incident for additional support with the anticipation of a haul system being needed. Rescue 29 arrived on scene and assisted with immediately setting up a lowering system to lower two rescuers approx 100+ feet to the victim. Rescuers where able to evaluate and treat the victim and determine the best route of egress back to the hardtop while other Rescuers topside prepared the haul system. The incident proved to show the amount of recourses, equipment and skills that are needed for rope rescues. Rescue 29 operated on scene for 2 hours.

Engine 29 Assists with Roaring Brook Township Tractor Trailer Fire

Wednesday night Engine 29 was dispatched to assist Elmhurst-Roaring Brook on a tractor trailer fire, carrying lumber, on Interstate 84 miler marker 6 westbound. Quick work by Rescue 15 with the multi-handline deployment contained the fire to the cab and prevented it from spreading to the cargo. Crews assisted with overhaul and hazard containment. Seven firefighters responded.

CLOSE BEFORE YOU DOZE: Sleeping with You Bedroom Door Closed Could Save Your Life

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: These pictures taken by our firefighters while they operated at a structure fire today in The Hideout, Lake Township, Wayne County, shows proof that sleeping with your bedroom door closed, could save your life. Notice the difference in the charing of the hallway versus the unburned walls in the bedroom. First arriving crews arrived to find heavy fire engulfing the entire home. The home was a total loss.

Research has shown that a closed bedroom door can slow the spread of flames, decrease temperatures, reduce smoke inhalation, and improve oxygen levels in the room.

Just a few decades ago the average time it took to escape a home fire was about 17 minutes. Now it is three minutes or less. This is because of the synthetic furniture, more open floor plans in homes, and other flammable materials. Just closing your bedroom door at night can give you more time to get out the bedroom windows safely and call the fire department.

Research proves that a closed door during a fire, can mean the difference between 1,000 degrees temperatures and 100 degrees temperatures. Keep your bedroom door closed to keep the extra heat out! During a fire, a closed door can also keep carbon monoxide levels at 1,000 PPM verses 10,000 PPM when a door is left open.

CLOSE BEFORE YOU DOZE!! Statistics show that in 2019, every three hours and ten minute, someone dies in a house fire. Do your part and don’t become part of the statistics.

Gnome Firefighter Brings Smiles to Firehouse

We would like to welcome and introduce you to the newest member of our family, Jeff. Jeff is a gnome firefighter that was designed, painted and donated to us by township resident and artist Bonnie Black Edwards. You may remember Bonnie from her recent segment on WNEP about the traveling Yeti. Yeti’s brother Jeff, has already began to bring smiles to the members of our organization! We can’t wait to see what adventures Jeff has planned for this summer. Thank you Bonnie for your hard work on this!

Moosic Lake Road Brush Fire Draws Response

Tuesday evening firefighters where called out for a reported brush fire on Moosic Lake Road. Engine 29 marked on scene to find an active fire on both sides of the roadway, fueled by dry conditions. Crews quickly went to work to contain and extinguish the fires. Brush 29 assisted with extinguishing several remaining hot spots while Tanker 29 stood by on scene with additional water. 10 volunteers responded on this incident.

Outdoor Burning & Dry Conditions Spark Brush Weekday Fire

Early notification of an out of control burn allowed firefighters to make an aggressive attack and quickly contain a brush fire on Monday. Crews where called around 2:30pm for a reported tree on fire in the backyard off Wimmers Road. Upon the arrival of firefighters, they found a brush fire quickly spreading through the woods, being fed by high wind, low humidity and dry conditions.

A reminder to all that outside fires should NEVER be left unattended, even for just a minute. Outdoor burning during Increased Fire Danger warnings by the National Weather Service is NEVER recommended and should not be ignored. Burning during these warnings can put not only your property at risk of being destroyed but also your neighbor’s property. Technology now allows warnings just like this one from the National Weather Service to be pushed directly to mobile telephones. Do your part to help prevent forest fires!!

Fire Department Assists State & Federal Law Enforcement

Emergency Service personnel provided support to multiple State and Federal law enforcement agencies today for an incident in Evergreen Trailer Park off Wimmers Road. Brush 29 and Car 29 assisted with roadway closures and a safety zone near the scene. Crews operated for several hours before the individual could be taken into custody without incident.

Late Night Interstate Rollover Crash

Emergency personnel where called just after 2am on Saturday, September 19 to Interstate 84 for a reported vehicle rollover. One patient was transported to the local trauma center by EMS while Rescue 29 personnel searched the scene for the potential of additional victims. Crews remained on scene for several hours during the investigation.

Afternoon Interstate Tractor Trailer Rollover

Last Wednesday, September 16, emergency personnel 🚒 where called to the Interstate, in the construction zone 🚧, for a reported tractor trailer rollover. Rescue 29 arrived to find a tractor trailer 🚛 that had crossed through the center median and rolled down an embankment and the driver was self extricated. Firefighters assessed for hazards while EMS personnel attended to the driver. Luckily no construction personnel or equipment where struck and the driver of the tractor trailer was not seriously injured. Towing & Recovery crews remained on scene for the remainder of the night unloading  and removing the truck.

Food Festival – 2020: Thank You!!!

🚨 To all of our vendors, suppliers, volunteers and supporters… We just wanted to say THANK YOU ❤️ for making our two day Food Festival a huge success!! We hope everyone enjoyed their food, just as much as we loved seeing all of you! We exist for our community, because of our community. 💕 Thank you!!!

Tuesday’s Topic: Firefighters Practice Vehicle Stabilization Skills

Tonight firefighters spent the evening refreshing and sharpening their vehicle stabilization skills utilizing some special equipment we carry on Rescue 29. A vehicle resting on its side is a very dangerous and frightening situation for the occupants trapped inside. The stabilization method shown in the photo is what we call a push-pull setup and allows for a clear, non-obstructed extrication pathway on the opposite side of the vehicle. The dedicated men and women who serve as our volunteers where able to have this vehicle stabilized in under 3 minutes!

🔥 Does situations like this interest you and do you want to help make a difference in your community? Join our team today! ✏️ Individuals as young as 14 years old are encouraged to join. Message us for details or stop in any Tuesday evening.

Prescribed Burn Planned for Archbald Mountain

The Pennsylvania Game Commission will be conducted a prescribed burn on approximately 64 acres of land on Gamelands 300, which is located on the Archbald Mountain, Jefferson Township, on Thursday, August 20.

Prescribed fires help reduce the catastrophic damage of wildfire on our lands and surrounding communities by:

  • Safely reducing excessive amounts of brush, shrubs and trees
  • Encouraging the new growth of native vegetation
  • Maintaining the many plant and animal species whose habitats depend on periodic fire

Prescribed fire is one of the most effective tools we have in preventing wildfires and managing the intensity and spread of wildfires. However, a prescribed fire is still fire, thus fire-management experts are extremely careful in planning and executing one. These specialists know what the optimal conditions and timing are to conduct prescribed fires based on years of training and experience. The weather conditions, topography, fuel types and equipment all determine how a prescribed fire is conducted.

Lions Donate PPE to Emergency Responders

We would like to recognize and thank the Jefferson Twp. Lions Club - Banquet Hall and Lions Clubs International for their generous donation of personal protective equipment (PPE) and decontamination supplies to our organization. These supplies will be made available to our first responders to keep themselves safe on an emergency incident. Your generosity and thoughtfulness to the emergency service organizations within Jefferson Township is truly appreciated.


Birthday Parades End As County Advances Towards Reopening

🚒 With Lackawanna County now being in the “YELLOW” phase, our department will follow many of our neighboring departments and we will no longer be scheduling parades for birthdays 🎂 or other special occasions🎉. Events that are ALREADY SCHEDULED will be honored up to June 15th. To everyone who reached out to us to have us be part of your special day and celebration over the last three months, we truly hope the presence of our volunteers has made a stressful and uncertain time while being stuck at home, a little more memorable. 📸


In the future we hope to develop some ideas and plans on how we can once again celebrate with you…

Rescue 29 Assists with Helicopter Landing Zone

Rescue 29 and Car 29 assisted EMS on May 23 with a helicopter landing zone for a burn victim within the Township. A landing zone was established in an open area off Mt Cobb Road for LVHN MedEvac. Aeromedical Services is not something we utilize very frequently in our area due to the proximity to the Scranton Hospitals but speedy transport to a Burn Center and the specialty skills of the Critical Care team was needed in this instance. Jefferson EMS handled the transport by ground of another individual injured in the incident. Check out the video below of Medevac 2 lifting off from the landing zone.

Afternoon Wayne County Structure Fire Levels Garage

On May 20 Engine, Tanker and Rescue 29 responded into Wayne County to assist Lake Ariel Fire Company on a reported working structure fire in a commercial garage. Crews arrived and assisted with hoseline advancement, extinguishment and overhaul. The structure was a total loss however firefighters where able to prevent the fire from spreading to an additional nearby structure. A job well done by the Lake Ariel Firefighters on knowing the capabilities of their apparatus. An initial water supply was established utilizing their supply truck from a large in-ground swimming pool on the property. A secondary water supply was also established via tanker shuttle however the pool was able to provide a sufficient water supply to extinguish the fire.

Community Donates Masks to Aid in Fight Against COVID-19

We would like to give a special thank you to the members of our community who placed masks in the Lackawanna County Medical Society Mask Collection bin outside of our station. Your donations will be used by our volunteers, at local hospitals and throughout the county to help keep everyone protected. Your thoughts of kindness and generosity is truly appreciated. Anyone who is still interested in donated masks, can place them in the blue bin in front of the firehouse and they will be picked up and distributed by the Lackawanna County Medical Society.

Jefferson Township Easter Bunny Tour Scheduled

With the cancelation of our Easter Egg Hunt, the Easter Bunny plans to tour different developments around Jefferson Township, this Saturday starting at noon, April 11 between the hours of noon to 4pm. Please watch and listen for him. We will follow a route similar to our Santa Route and will be posting our location on Facebook. We will be practicing social distancing and the Bunny will not be getting off the Fire Truck. We ask you to respect our health and safety and to please not approach the fire trucks. If it should be raining, the event will have to be cancelled. We look forward to seeing all of you and to put some smiles on children's faces during these stressful times.

Our tentative route and schedule will be as follows:
- 12:00pm  Dusty Lane
- 12:05pm  Floral Estates
- 12:15pm  Happy Acres
- 12:25pm  Jefferson Heights
- 13:00pm  Laurel Ridge
- 1:15pm  Moosic Lakes Club House
- 1:25pm  Burger King
- 1:30pm  Arnold Drive
- 1:35  Log Road Village
- 1:40pm  Pumphouse Road
- 1:50pm  Stonefield Estates
- 2:10pm  Hitchcock Road (348 to Spangenburg)
- 2:20pm  Victoria Circle
- 2:30pm  Lake Loretta
- 2:40pm  Hitchcock Road (Spangenburg to Cortez)
- 3:00pm  Benjamin Road
- 3:05pm  Collins Avenue
- 3:15pm  Living Waters Road
- 3:30pm  Belle Air Acres
- 3:35pm  Mack Estates
- 3:45pm  Lake Road
- 4:00pm  Jefferson Township Fire Company

Please note it is impossible for us to visit every area of the township. We do our best to visit as many developments as possible while ensuring safety for our volunteers, your children and our apparatus. If yours is not listed, please plan on keeping an eye on our posts and visit us in one of the other nearby developments.

Winter Weather Turns, Causing Tricky Driving Conditions

Wintery weather this past Monday caught many by surprise all across the county. Shown here are two separate accidents our personnel responded to, related to the weather. The first accident occurred on Interstate 84 when a vehicle went off the roadway and rolled over. Luckily the driver was able to escape the crash. The second accident occurred on Cortez Road when two vehicles struck head-on. Both drivers where transported to the hospital by EMS.

Local Scouts Receive Fire Prevention & Safety Presentation from Emergency Service Organizations

Firefighters recently spent an evening along with the Jefferson Township Police Department performing a Fire Prevention and Safety presentation for Scout Pack 133. Emergency personnel reviewed many different topics including fire prevention strategies, fire extinguisher usage, campfire safety, wilderness search and rescue, outdoor emergency care and also internet safety. The scouts where also educated on what skills and training it takes for each emergency organization to successfully perform their job.

Driver Walks Away from Violent Interstate Crash

Firefighters recently spent an evening along with the Jefferson Township Police Department performing a Fire Prevention and Safety presentation for Scout Pack 133. Emergency personnel reviewed many different topics including fire prevention strategies, fire extinguisher usage, campfire safety, wilderness search and rescue, outdoor emergency care and also internet safety. The scouts where also educated on what skills and training it takes for each emergency organization to successfully perform their job.

Thin Ice Warning Continues

The inconsistency of the winter weather pattern this year has impacted the quality of ice in our area. Many bodies of water including ponds, lakes and streams that are typically frozen solid by this time of year are only thinly frozen or not frozen at all. Ice seldom freezes uniformly. Think in terms of the thermometer rather than the calendar when deciding if to go out on the ice. Just because it was okay on December 1st to go out on the ice last year, doesn’t mean it’s going to be safe on the same date this year! We urge everyone to use EXTREME CAUTION while negotiating around bodies of water that are believed to be frozen. Most ice conditions in our area are not safe for ice-fishing or to be able to handle the weight of recreational vehicles.

This past weekend a group of people enjoying the great outdoors in Jefferson Township experienced the extreme dangers of just how thin the ice is when their UTV fell through the ice they where attempting to cross. Jefferson Township Fire and EMS personnel responded to the scene. Luckily no one was seriously injured and the vehicle was able to be recovered. Please don't put yourself in harms way and stay away from frozen bodies of water this winter. If you do decide to venture onto the ice, we strongly encourage everyone to wear a life-vest and travel in groups larger then one person. You should never venture out a frozen body of water alone.

What should you do if you fall through ice? An article posted several days ago by the Washington Post highlights the following survival tips:

  1. Stay Calm - Don’t let the shock of falling into the ice-cold water take over. This may be the hardest part of saving yourself. You need a clear mind to rescue yourself from the water. You have about 10 minutes before your body gets too cold to pull itself out.
  2. Don’t remove your winter clothing - Heavy clothes won’t drag you down, but instead can trap air to provide warmth and flotation. This is especially true with a snowmobile suit.
  3. Turn toward the direction you came - That’s probably the strongest ice.
  4. Place your hands and arms on the unbroken surface - This is where a pair of nails, sharpened screwdrivers or ice picks come in handy in providing the extra traction you need to pull yourself up onto the ice.
  5. Kick your feet and dig in your ice picks to work your way back onto the solid ice - If your clothes have trapped a lot of water, you may have to lift yourself partially out of the water on your elbows to let the water drain before starting forward.
  6. Lie flat on the ice once you are out and roll away from the hole to keep your weight spread out - This may help prevent you from breaking through again.
  7. Get to a warm, dry, sheltered area and re-warm yourself immediately - In moderate to severe cases of cold water hypothermia, you must seek medical attention. Cold blood trapped in your extremities can come rushing back to your heart after you begin to re-warm. The shock of the chilled blood may cause ventricular fibrillation leading to a heart attack and death!

What if someone else falls through and you are the only one around to help? First, call 911 for help. There is a good chance someone near you may be carrying a cell phone. Resist the urge to run up to the edge of the hole. This would most likely result in two victims in the water. Also, do not risk your life to attempt to save a pet or other animal.

Jefferson Township Firefighter Begins Career in City of Brotherly Love

We would like to congratulate Firefighter Johncarlo Ligi on his graduation from the 38th Class of the Philadelphia Fire Department Fire Service Paramedic Program and his recent career advancement to the Philadelphia Fire Department. At John’s graduation ceremony today, he was awarded the spirit award for his positive attitude, performance and being a mentor for his class.

John’s training, began as a junior firefighter with our department when he joined in August of 1993 at the age of 16. Over the years within our company, John has completed over 800 hours of fire training classes and has answered hundreds of emergency calls. In 1998 John obtained his EMT certification and began volunteering and working for local EMS agencies in our area. In 2006 John obtained his National Firefighter 1 Certification and later began working part-time for the Dunmore Fire Department. In 2012 John obtained his paramedic certification from Lackawanna College. Over the years within our company, John has served in the role of Fire Chief, and most recently as Assistant Chief and President. John’s skills, dedication and commitment to Jefferson Township will truly be missed but we are excited for his advancement and finding his dream career. John will join the dedicated team of professionals answering over 750 EMS calls daily within the City of Brotherly Love. Join us in congratulating John as he starts his career with the Philadelphia Fire Department.

Second Alarm Wayne County Fire Destroy’s Business & Apartments

It was just before 4am on 10/25/19, Wayne County units along with Engine & Tanker 29 where dispatched to 1410 Lake Ariel Highway for a reported structure fire, additional reports came in of possible entrapment in the upstairs apartments. Engine & Tanker 29 responded to the scene. Crews from Engine 29 arrived on scene to find a working fire on the second and third floors of the structure with Lake Ariel firefighters performing an aggressive interior attack with multiple handlines to attempt to control the fire. Engine 29 was assigned Rapid Intervention Team duties while Tanker 29 assisted in the water shuttle operations. Engine 29 personnel controlled utilities and kept a close observation on the structure for deteriorating conditions while multiple crews operated inside. Engine 29 was later reassigned to supply Dunmore Ladder 6 for ladder pipe operations. Crews operated on scene for over 3 hours, until the fire was extinguished.


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Late Afternoon Weekend Garage Fire

On Sunday September 08, Station 29 along with other units on box 2902 where dispatched just before 6pm for a reported lawnmower fire, inside of a garage on Lake Spangenburg Road in Jefferson Township. First arriving units encountered a well-involved garage fire and went to quick work with handline advancement and fire extinguishment. The fire was quickly knocked down and the remainder of the incoming out of town units where returned to service by command. Units operated on scene for under one hour.

2019 Raffle Winners Announced

We would like to begin by personally thanking everyone from our community and surrounding areas who purchased tickets for our raffle and supported us. A huge thank you to our members for selling nearly 600 tickets and everyone else that was involved to make the event a huge success. A special thank you to Smokin Joe's Meats & Deli and the Y-Knot Pub & Eatery for also helping sell tickets for us. While we may not be as big as other raffles in the area, this was our third annual raffle. Money from fundraisers like these are used towards apparatus fuel / maintenance, building utilities and funds are also being saved to put towards apparatus replacement in the next coming years. Just like your personal vehicles, our fire trucks also need to be replaced and we depend on the support of our community through our fundraisers like this one to help raise the money to pay for these replacements. Did you know that firetrucks are the most expensive and complicated vehicle on the roadway and the cost of a new firetruck is nearly $700,000+? We hope we can say that everyone who attended our raffle event enjoyed themselves and enjoyed the food and beverages we served. A special thank you to The Hen's Nest for preparing the wonderful food spread and F-N-D Gun Shop for their help with this raffle. As stated in previous posts, you did not need to be present to win. All winners received a telephone call the day following the event to notify them of their winning.


Below is a complete listing of the winners. Congratulations to all of you!! We have already begun planning for next years event and already have several exciting changes we can't wait to announce . We hope to see everyone back again next year! Tickets for the 2020 raffle will be available starting February 2, 2020.

# Prize Cash Prize Winning Ticket # Winner Town Sold By
10 Ruger American Rifle 22 WMR $200 0554 Rob Pfleckel Don Wallace
9 Ruger 10/22 Takedown Rifle 22 cal $230 0447 Joseph Olsen Jefferson Twp., PA unk
8 Ruger American Rifle 243 cal $260 0377 Frank Seber Moosic, PA unk
7 Ruger LC9s Pistol 9MM $275 0354 Danielle Zadzura Jefferson Twp., PA unk
6 Savage Axis XP Rifle 7MM-08 $300 0471 Thomas May Lake Ariel, PA Website Sale
5 Savage Axis II XP Rifle .223 cal $300 0474 Steve Lenz Sworthmore, PA Website Sale
4 Henry Goldenboy Lever Action $325 0254 Michael Moll Moscow, PA unk
3 S & W Body Guard Revolver 38 Special $350 0509 Joey Costanzo Jefferson Twp., PA Rick Sadowski
2 DPMS/Panther Arms Oracle AR-15, 5.56 $425 0208 Laura Mayeski Jefferson Twp., PA unk
1 Kel-tech KSG Shotgun 12 Ga $625 0142 Jason Bedford Susquehanna, PA Jason Crambo
Door Gun Rock Island Rifle 22tcm $265 418
(separate ticket
purchased at door)
Al Calzola Greenfield Twp., PA

Training Around Town: Low Angle Rope Rescue Training Helps Firefighters Prepare

In this weeks episode of "Training Around Town", the topic was low angle rope rescue. "Rescue 29 respond, vehicle over an embankment, people still in the vehicle, Interstate 84 eastbound"... That was the scenario this past Tuesday as firefighters gathered for our weekly in-house training session. The goal of this weeks training was to familiarize some newer members with our rope rescue equipment and allow them along with our other firefighters to become comfortable with building a low angle rescue haul system and practice this skillset. This scenario is far from being made up and has been an occurrence we have experienced several times over the last couple years. Practicing our skills allows our personnel to quickly, proficiently and safely perform the task should we ever encounter this scenario again. This was just one way we prepare to always be ready for the needs of our community. Watch for us in your neighborhood as each week we pick a different area to try and visit and train in.


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Handpainted Mural Unveiling Represents Jefferson Township Community Organizations & Landmarks

This past Saturday, August 24, we had the pleasure of being part of the public unveiling and dedication ceremony of a hand painted work of art, representing the community organizations and local landmarks throughout Jefferson Township. This piece of art was hand painted by Gabby Edwards, a Jefferson Township resident and Junior at North Pocono High School. Gabby has been a Girl Scout for 10 years and it was time for her to earn the highest award in Girl Scouts, called the Gold Award. A Gold Award has to be both educational and sustainable. Gabby loves creating things and began brainstorming for her project by trying to figure a way to combine all the things represented in the mural. The Jefferson Township Lions Club allowed Gabby to use the front of their building for her project. Gabby’s goal with the mural was to educate people about all the different organizations that do amazing things for our community and to create a sense of pride to be from Jefferson Township. As you can see by the detail and everything included in the mural, Gabby was able to accomplish her goal. We are proud to have been part of the unveiling and also proud to have such hard work put into our department logo. Gabby stated she spent over 2 hours hand painting our logo alone due to all the intricate details. Gabby put in over 60 hours of painting to get the beautiful mural completed. Great work Gabby and congratulations on your award.


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Rescue Personnel Preplan for Offroad Rescue at Local Community Park

With the opening of a 0.75 mile walking trail at the site of the future Recreational Complex in Jefferson Township, firefighters took the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the park layout, learning crucial access and egress points that may need to be utilized during a rescue or medical emergency. Personnel also took the opportunity to test the ability of our off-road utility vehicle to navigate the trails with a loaded stokes basket, simulating a rescue. The great opportunity allowed firefighters to preplan and be ready, should an emergency ever occur on the property.


Township Officials have already secured an additional $400,000 to complete the next phase of the project. Phase 2 of the project includes the construction of the remaining access roadway and parking area. Construction is expected to begin on phase 2 in 2020, pending DEP permits.


Grant requests have also been submitted for phase 3 of the project which will include the installation of two multi-purpose fields and restroom facilities. Township officials expect to hear in early fall of 2019 if they have secured funding for this portion of the project. A draft of the recreational complex plan is included below outlining each phase. For those wishing to visit the walking trail, it can be found on Community Drive off Mt Cobb Road next to the Ritter's Farm Market property.


Local residents can help and give back to the park by donating plastic bags/packaging now through January 2020. Township officials have recently partnered with Trex to collect plastic bags and packaging to be recycled and turned into composite lumber. Jefferson Township is currently seeking to collect 500-pounds within a 6-month timeframe and Trex will donate a composite bench to the park. Township officials report they are well on their way to meeting their January 2020 goal with currently over 150lbs already collected. Eligible plastic items to be donated include soft plastic such as plastic shopping bags, cereal bags, bread bags, pallet wrap, water case wrapping, ziploc bags, bubble wrap, wood pellet bags, water softener salt bags, etc. The plastic must be dry and free of food residue. Those wishing to donate can drop off the soft plastic in collection bins at the recycling center on Saturday's from 9am to 11:30am. Collection bins are also available in the lobby of the municipal building and several local businesses.


Residents who would like to stay up to date on news and announcements regarding the Recreational Complex are encouraged to follow the Jefferson Township Facebook page.