2019 Tricky Tray Winners Posted – Carnival on the Mountain

We have received several requests from our annual Carnival on the Mountain regarding the winners of our Tricky Tray Raffle. First off, we would like to personally thank all the contributors and donors that made this part of our carnival a huge success. We would also like to thank all those who purchased raffle tickets. Our annual carnival is our largest fundraiser to help us raise money to pay our bills, maintain our apparatus and keep up-to-date with evolving technology. The listing of prizes and winners has been posted below. Congratulations to the winners! You should have all already been contacted via telephone. We apologize for any partial or misspelled names. They names have been transcribed as they where written on the ticket stub. We hope to see you again next year.


We have received a couple inquiries regarding the drawing of the tricky tray winners, which took place on Sunday, June 16. The drawing of the winners is NOT open to the public and we have practiced this routine for many years. We would like to help answer your questions and explain why we restrict the drawing.  Large signage is posted in the hall notifying potential winners of this restriction.


Imagine yourself being in a room with over 100 prizes, with each prize needing to have a ticket pulled, then the ticket stub with the contact information having to be located in a pile of several thousand stubs, then logged, tagged, and winner contacted. All this work takes concentration and silence to ensure accuracy. Imagine our volunteers trying to do all this work while being interrupted by onlookers talking, doors opening and closing, cell phones ringing and finally winners interrupting the drawing to try and take their winning basket. The actual drawing takes our volunteers several hours to complete accurately. It's tough work and our team needs strict silence to ensure accuracy. We have tried in the past to open the drawing to the public and the above mentioned situations are what our volunteers experienced. We hope you understand where we are coming from and why we restrict the drawing to the public.

Prize Winner
Margarita/Summer Kelsi Good
Bold Gold Radio Station Aaron Bailey
Rainbow Sprinkler Brenda Diehl
AMG Hair Salon Merle Lyon
Classy Lassy Irish Shop Caitlin Herne
Lottery Tickets Tiffany Young
Firetruck Becky Cooper
Rita’s Italian Ice Valerie Golden
Electric City Trolley Marty
TV Elouise Wood
Ski Shawnee Matt Boyle
Texas Roadhouse John Zielinski
Railriders Baseball Stacey Rochin
Pens/Pencils Boe Hinger
Coffee Sammi Clark
Electric City Harley Davidson Amanda Lucke
Rex Beavers Lawncare Lori Ashman Williams
Picnic Barb Cleveland
Cornhole Set Brian Beitz
Viewmont Mall $25 Julie Robak
Viewmont Mall $25 Marty Moran
NBT Bank Debra Ritter
Helmet William Mitchell
Weis $25 John Candy
Tall Riding Boots Kim Arnone
Frog Chair Stacey Lacek
Crockpot Thomas Kearney
Pasta Set Michelle Nuss
Avon Certificate Tracey Larssen
Igloo Cooler Haley Shaffer
Walmart $25 Brandon Cassidy
Walmart $25 Bill M
Short Riding Boots Megan Connors
Blender Lorrie Scheotzle
Corono Bucket Lauri Box
3 Med Dog Coats Deb Dempsey
Bear Chair Kelli Jarrow
Tasty Swirl Warren Kramer Jr
Reds Apple Ale Bucket Joe Guzzi
2 10″ Dog Coats Jude Wasileski
Elk Mountain Judy Santulli
Movie Basket Sharon Mullaney
Stourbridge Line Ann D.
Anchor Hocking Baking Set Maria Wasileski
Candy Sharon Mullaney
16″ Dog Coat Deb Dempsey
Bed, Bath, & Beyond Laura Himber
Bath Basket John Peters
Halter/Leg Wraps Cathy Gillette
Corono Bucket Kristy Incavido
Jenn A Snippers Austin Clark
Halter/Leg Wraps Furino
Thirty One Joyce Frisbie
Outside Toys Dawn T
Saddle Cover Julie Black
Mendicinos Robin Mayeski
Mendicinos James Shaffer
Snacks John Peters
Bear Chair Dawn T
J.S Purse Alex Froese
Hunters Gallery Panda
Johns Italian Restaurant Tracey Larssen
R Place Donna Smith
Omelette Maker Lila Fairclough
Monkey Chair Jamie Maher
Saddle Cover/Bag Cathy Gillette
Christmas Crochet Stacie Allen
Crayola Factory Alexes Leone
Crayola Factory Tanya Baldacci
Crayola Factory Lori Ashman Williams
Michael Kohrs Purse Alexes Leone
Ladies Active Michelle Nuss
Comfort Inn Gail McDonald
Tablet Amy Shaffer
Home Depot Debbie Kuester
Stinger Sauce Dawn T
Idle Hour Lanes Dorothy Sohns
Avon Karen McElroy
Price Chopper Dona Wall
Fire Co Glasses Judy Fritz
Y-Knot Paranich
Milewski Towing Michelle C
Weis $20 Dona Wall
Wine Debbie B
Saddle Bag/Cover Kari Jackson
Kays Daleville John Bomershein
Bath Robe Eva Carachilo
Fairy Garden Amy Aronica
Macy’s Money Alexis Dupliss
Helmet Bag Matt Boyle
Caboose Boe Hinger
Saddle Bag/Halter Steve Rak
Crochet Items Sue Goldbach
Roba’s Family Farms Dawn T
Taco Judie Grandjean
The Loading Dock Wanda Marie Browning
Valentine’s Amy Niero
Beach Bum Doreen K
Y-Knot Dona Wall
Dog Bed Lili Fairclough
Mannings Leeann Colo
Bodywash Sets Lori Ashman Williams
Mohegan Sun Kim Davis
Snacks Cassie Kruchinski
The Hair Depot Joan Antidormi
Rocking Chair Caitlin Herne
Fire Pit Gavin Anderson
Table Set Kay Propes
Ritter’s Cider Mill Joey Guzzi

North Pocono Firefighters Complete Tensioned Highline Rope Rescue Training

Firefighters from across the North Pocono Area including Elmhurst-Roaring Brook, Gouldsboro, Jefferson and Moscow were at it once again this past Saturday & Sunday in the rain and cold advancing their rope rescue training while learning about and practicing with the usage of tensioned highline systems as part of the Rope / High Angle Rescue 4 Program. These types of rescues demand advanced rigging skills and are the most difficult and most dangerous types of vertical rescue. We are grateful to have personnel and instructors trained to this advanced level of rope rescue, right here in our area. Great work by everyone who participated!

Overnight Wayne County Structure Fire

Engine 29 & Tanker 29 where dispatched just before midnight on Thursday to respond into Wayne County on the 1st alarm assignment, to assist Lake Ariel Fire Company for a reported chimney fire on Miller Road. The first arriving Engine company from Lake Ariel arrived on scene to find a working residential structure fire. A quick aggressive attack by crews confined the fire to the exterior chimney chase and attic. Personnel from Engine 29 stood by in the Rapid Intervention Team duties and where later reassigned to assist with overhaul and ventilation. Crews remained on scene for over two hours performing an extensive overhaul to ensure total extinguishment of the double plank construction.

Engine & Rescue Operate on South Canaan Twp Structure Fire

Crews where dispatched during the late afternoon on Sunday on an assist to Wayne County, 1st alarm assignment, for a reported working structure fire, Racht Road, South Canaan Township. First arriving companies encountered a working fire and made an aggressive interior attack, advancing four handlines. Rescue 29 arrived on scene and assisted with overhaul while Engine 29 personnel handled the Rapid Intervention Team duties. Crews operated on scene for nearly two hours.

2018 Busiest Year to Date

The numbers from 2018 are in, showing this to be the busiest year ever on record for us. Our volunteers had 198 requests for service and are proud to say all but 2 of these requests we where able to crew and respond on. Our firefighters spent a combined total of 638.75 hours on state and nationally recognized training programs. A total of 5,321 manhours where logged for 2018 by all of our volunteers between answering requests for service, training and fundraising efforts. We would not be where we are today nor would we be able to offer the high level of service that we do to our community if it was not for all of our amazing VOLUNTEERS. We encourage members of the community join our team and VOLUNTEER today. You don't have to fight fires to volunteer. Plenty of other duties are available like offering help cooking eggs or filling coffee cups at one of our fundraisers. We don't ask for much, one or two hours of your time a month would make a huge difference to us. We look forward to what 2019 has to bring to us and being able to continue to provide the residents of Jefferson Township & other surrounding municipalities with top notch fire protection & rescue services. Interested in joining our team? Visit our membership page by clicking here!


Throughout 2018, our volunteers responded to nearly 200 calls for service:

  • 25 - Activated Fire Alarms
  • 03 - Brush Fires
  • 06 - EMS Assists
  • 03 - Hazmat
  • 08 - Investigations
  • 08 - Miscellaneous
  • 52 - Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • 20 - Possible Structure Fires
  • 12 - Public Service
  • 13 - Pumping Details
  • 02 - Searches
  • 13 - Structure Fires
  • 27 - Tree/Wires Down
  • 06 - Vehicle Fires

Critically Injured Accident Victim Reunites with Firefighters

It’s usually on the day of an emergency most first responders are used to hearing a simple thank you... Then after that, never hearing from the involved parties again. This past Tuesday, nearly 6 months after a violent Interstate crash, our responders got a special visit from Anthony Turko, shown here in the center of the photo with his son Mason, surrounded by our firefighters. It was Monday, September 17 when Anthony was involved in a violent accident on Interstate 84 when his pickup truck rear ended a tractor trailer. Rescue personnel worked diligently to cut the vehicle from around Anthony, understanding the importance of the golden hour and his critical condition. On Tuesday, firefighters got hear about Anthony’s journey to recovery, share stories and he also got to see those very tools we used to free him from his vehicle. While words could not express Anthony’s true gratitude, his presence and hearing about his remarkable journey left an impact on all firefighters as a reminder as to why we continue to do what we do, VOLUNTEER for our community.


Visit the original post of this accident here: http://29firerescue.com/2018/09/17/rescuers-free-driver-from-mangled-vehicle/

Pickup Truck Passenger Confined in Afternoon Interstate Crash

Emergency crews where called out just after noon for a reported pickup truck vs tree with injuries, Interstate 84 Eastbound. Pennsylvania Ambulance ALS arrived on scene reporting heavy entrapment, requesting an additional ALS unit. Jefferson BLS and Rescue 29 soon arrived on scene to find the passenger, confined to the vehicle. Rescue crews went to work quickly removing the passengerside door with hydraulic rescue tools to create an extrication pathway. Both occupants where transported to the hospital by EMS. We would like to give a huge thank you to Penndot for their assistance, once again for helping to create a safety zone for personnel against traffic.

Tractor Trailer Rollover Snarls Interstate Traffic

Rescue crews were dispatched by Lackawanna County 911 just after 12:15pm for for a reported two car MVA, vehicle rollover Interstate 84 at milemarker 7.2 westbound. Additional reports came in reporting a tractor trailer vs. car, tractor trailer rollover in Roaring Brook Township. Upon arrival of the first rescue company, Rescue 29, encountered a tractor trailer, hauling logs, lying on its side across the entire roadway, with the logs scattered around the scene. A passenger vehicle was also found to be involved. All occupants where self extricated and where tended to by EMS personnel. Rescue personnel went to work quickly containing fluids that where leaking and working to reopen the Interstate. Rescue Company 15 soon arrived and assisted with fluid control and containment. Firefighters remained on scene with the towing company during recovery efforts until the scene was clear. Two people where transported to the hospital. Great teamwork by all operating on scene to quickly get the interstate reopen. We would like to give a huge thank you to Penndot for assisting with traffic control.

Fundraising Sign Vandalized

The VOLUNTEER fire service is there for our community, because of our community support. Volunteers spend countless hours a month raising funds in-between answering emergency calls, working full-time jobs & balancing family life to be able to keep the doors open and provide communities with the best fire & rescue protection they are able to.

But when an individual DEFACES and VANDALIZES property of a volunteer fire company, this not only hurts us but hurts the community who donated funds to us. Shown here is a photo of one of our fundraising advertising signs that was found yesterday to be purposely cut and destroyed. The money that we will need to be spent on replacing this sign could have been used to refill an oxygen cylinder that would be used on a traumatic accident/medical emergency or buy a pair of fire gloves for a firefighter.

We hope to never have to compromise the services we are able to offer because of this sickening behavior. Ask yourself, what would you do if you needed a fire truck or ambulance… and one never showed up? At some point in your life everyone will have some type of need/interaction with a First Responder. We don’t get paid to do what we do. We wake up without hesitation at all hours of the night, when our community needs us, because we care about our community. Anyone with any information on the individual who may have caused this damage, is urged to please reach out to us.

Stabilization Equipment Added to Vehicle Rescue Toolbox

A grant opportunity earlier this year through the Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioners Office has added nearly $10,000 of new equipment to Rescue 29. Personnel took delivery earlier this fall of new state of the art Res-Q-Jack Aluminum X-Strut stabilization equipment to replace our current "homemade" equipment. The new equipment will be utilized to stabilize vehicles on its side, on top of another or any other atypical off-wheel position. The struts have the capability of stabilizing up to 10,000 lbs each with a 2:1 safety factor and lifting up to 6,000 lbs per strut. A variety of chains, and other accessories accompanied the purchase. The purchase of Milwaukee M18 battery powered handtools, including a reciprocating saw and drill where also made possible by this grant. Firefighters have completed over 6 hours of in-servicing on the new equipment. The new equipment has been added to Rescue 29 and will be a great addition to our toolbox of equipment that is available to our community.

Jefferson Township 2018 Santa Route with Live Santa Tracking

LIVE Santa Tracking

We are excited to announce that Santa has provided us with his route around Jefferson Township for our annual “Santa Comes to Town” tradition this evening. This posting should only be used as a guide as we will do our best to stick to the posted times. Actual updates will be posted to our Facebook page. Watch and listen for the decorated firetrucks as Santa enters your development.

We are also excited to announce a new feature that will allow us to broadcast Santa's current location, in Jefferson Township, on Google Maps. Parents should utilize the following links to track Santa around Jefferson Township. Please choose the correct link based on which route, listed above, will cover your area. (This is something new we are trying out so we apologize in advance if there is any bugs with it)

**We do our best to hit as many areas as possible. It is impossible to cover every street. For safety reasons , we will not be stopping along any state roadways.



Utilize the following link to see Santa's exact location on the Grinch Route: CLICK HERE  <<TRACKING NOW DISABLED UNTIL 2019>>

Utilize the following link to see Santa's exact location on the Reindeer Route: CLICK HERE <<TRACKING NOW DISABLED UNTIL 2019>>

Santa Comes to Town

For those of you who live within Jefferson Township, our annual Santa Comes to Town tour will be visiting our major developments on Saturday, December 22 between 4pm & 8pm. Again this year we will have two Santa’s going out to cover the large geographical area of Jefferson Township. We do our best to hit as many areas as possible but unfortunately we cannot hit every street. Listen for the fire trucks & holiday music along with seeing our flashing lights.

2nd Alarm Roaring Brook Fire Destroys Home

Crews where dispatched just before 9am this morning for a working structure fire, Stout Place, Roaring Brook Township. Additional reports received by the 911 center reported possible entrapment. Command 15 immediately upgraded the assignment to a second alarm, bringing in units from throughout and beyond the North Pocono area. Initial arriving units encountered a heavy fire load and attempted to make an aggressive interior attack but where quickly pulled out due to deteriorating conditions. Tanker 29 marked on scene and was directed by Chief 15 to act as the second primary attack engine due to the geographic location of the house and water shuttle difficulties. Three handlines where immediately put into operation off Tanker 29 to assist in extinguishment. Over the next 4 hours Tanker 29 pumped over 40,000 gallons of water onto the fire. Special thanks to our local Tastykake Representative for always ensuring firefighters don't whither away at a fire in Elmhurst/Roaring Brook. It was confirmed no one was home at the time the fire started. The home was totally destroyed.

Photo borrowed from ERB Fire.

Photo borrowed from ERB Fire.

Photo borrowed from ERB Fire.

Photo borrowed from ERB Fire.

Fire Prevention Week Open House

In honor of National Fire Prevention Week and our commitment to educating the community, we have recognized the need for resources to help educate the increasing population of home-schooled and cyber-schooled children throughout our community. We will be hosting an open house, at our firehouse, on Saturday, October 13 from 9am to noon to allow children from throughout Jefferson Township and the rest of the North Pocono Community, the availability of additional Fire Prevention education. This event is free and welcome to anyone from the public.

Head-On Accident Sends Three to Trauma Center

Rescue 29 was dispatched by Lackawanna County 911 just before 8am for a reported 2 car MVA with injuries and confinement, 1500 Mt Cobb Road, Jefferson Township. Chief & Car 29 marked on scene to find three patients, two confined to their vehicles. The incident was upgraded to an auto extrication assignment, on two vehicles, bringing in an additional Rescue out of Elmhurst/Roaring Brook Fire Company at the discretion of command. Commonwealth Health Critical Care Ground Unit was also requested to the scene. Rescue 29 marked on scene, splitting crews to attend to the two vehicles, each with a victim confined. Hydraulic Rescue Tools where utilized to gain access to the vehicles. Rescue 15 arrived on scene and assisted Rescue 29 personnel with dash displacement on the second vehicle. All occupants where extricated and transported by EMS to the local trauma center.

Rescuers Free Driver from Mangled Vehicle

Station 29 was dispatched by Lackawanna County 911 for a reported MVA, truck vs tractor trailer, with heavy entrapment on Interstate 84, Mile Marker 9.7 westbound. Upon arrival of Rescue 29, a pickup truck was found into the rear of a tractor trailer in the travel lane of the highway, with the truck wedged under the back of the tractor trailer up to passenger compartment and driver of the pickup truck was entrapped. Crews immediately went to work stabilizing the pickup truck and gaining access to the passenger compartment. Due to the severity of entrapment and the criticalness of the patients condition, command requested a heavy duty tow truck to assist in lifting the tractor trailer off the vehicle and 2 additional Rescues from Elmhurst-Roaring Brook and also Moscow. Over the next 18 minutes crews utilized hydraulic spreaders, cutters and Rams to successfully remove the vehicle from around the patient. The patient was extricated and transported to a local trauma center by EMS. Rescue 7 was canceled prior to their arrival. Rescue & Engine 29 remained on scene with the Pennsylvania State Police while they completed their investigation and until the vehicles where removed. Interstate 84 westbound remained closed for approximately 2 hours.

We'd like to thank all who made this critical incident run smoothly. We'd also like to give a big thank you to Penndot for their assistance with traffic control and providing a crashtruck to help ensure our safety. Incidents like this are very infrequent but we can say our crews train for it and with an arrival time to extrication complete of 18 minutes, our times show!


The photos shown below are property of the Jefferson Township Volunteer Fire Company, usage of these photos without written permission, is strictly forbidden.

Fake Mailers Divert Donations from Area Fire Departments

FAKE MAILERS are diverting donations away from volunteer fire departments in Pennsylvania...

The following article has been shared with us regarding a group called "Volunteer Firefighter Alliance" from Topeka, Kansas soliciting funds throughout Pennsylvania. A sample obtained from the Pocono Record shown below and at the attached link illustrates a real fire department donation request vs the fake request.

We are reminding the community that this group has no connection to our organization nor are any of the funds they are attempting to collect, being given back to our organization or benefiting us. Please help us spread the word about this solicitation attempt using the "volunteer fire department" or town name. We encourage all members of the community to be sure your donations are being mailed directly to your local volunteer fire department and not to this out of state group.

The article can be viewed in the image posted below or at the following link: http://www.poconorecord.com/news/20180813/fake-mailers-divert-donations-away-from-fire-department

Image belongs to Pocono Record

Multiple Weather Related Responses

Throughout the last 24 hours, our volunteers have responded to over a dozen requests for our service. Requests ranging from traffic details and a fuel spill to pumping details up to several feet. While our number may be no where near the number of requests our brothers in the valleys have responded on, we did our best to prioritize and answer all requests as quick as possible. To those who saw us and tried to tip our volunteers and donate to us, our goal is to turn your contribution right back around and purchase additional equipment to help us serve you better during future severe weather. A big thank you also goes out to the Jefferson Township Police Department and Road Department for also assisting us with roadway incidents and also the Jefferson Township Supervisors for helping us late at night get the resources we needed. For those in our community facing damage, we are keeping you and your family in our thoughts.

Afternoon Residential Structure Fire

Crews where dispatched just after 4:15pm today for a reported working structure fire at 20 Harkin's Lane, Jefferson Township. Engine 29 marked on scene, reporting a working fire with a heavy smoke condition bringing in additional companies part of the SRN assignment. Crews advanced one handline and made an aggressive knockdown on the fire. Rescue 29 arrived on scene, sending its crew to the interior of the structure to perform additional knockdown & extinguishment. Tanker 29 arrived on scene and established the water supply to Engine 29. Additional personnel from companies part of the first alarm assignment soon arrived on scene and advanced an additional handline to the roof and assisted with vertical ventilation and overhaul. The bulk of the fire was contained to the kitchen with some extension into the attic space. The rest of the home contained smoke and water damage. The cause of the fire was later determined by the Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshal to be a faulty electrical outlet. No one was hurt in or operating at the fire but a cat did not survive.

Units on scene: Engine 29, Rescue 29, Tanker 29, Car 29, Brush 29, Tanker 15 & Engine 15 (Elmhurst-Roaring Brook), Tanker 7 (Moscow), Tanker 68 & Ladder (Maplewood), Engine 1-1 (Lake Ariel), Engine 67-5 (Hamlin), Car 56 & Tanker 56 (Madisonville), Rescue 25 & EMS 25-8 (Jessup), 29-8, Commonwealth Health EMS Rehab.

Emergency Services Gather for Lackawanna Energy Center Drill

Station 29 dispatched by Lackawanna 911 for Tanker 29 to respond as part of Station 25 Structure Fire SRN to 1000 Sunnyside Rd at Lackawanna Energy Center for a Structure Fire drill. Upon arrival, Tanker 29 was assigned water supply to Engine 31 while they supplied additional engines that where simulating extinguishment of fireload. At the conclusion of the drill, emergency personnel where able to get an up close look at the facility. This is not the first time our emergency personnel where able to get a up close look at the Lackawanna Energy Center. Personnel have been present throughout the construction stages for multiple building/property walkthroughs and educational sessions.

Busy 14-hour Stretch for Volunteers

A busy day for the volunteers in Jefferson Township with 4 requests for our services within 14 hours.

Crews where dispatched Monday evening just after 10:30pm for a reported motor vehicle accident with injuries, Archbald Mountain Road. Rescue 29 responded and arrived on scene to find two vehicle involved, head-on impact. Crew provided scene safety and traffic control until an additional request for service came in just before 11:30pm, for an assist to Moscow Police, male patient down in the woods off Hamlin Highway. Rescue 29 was requested to the scene to aid in searching for the patient. Rescue 29 was cancelled enroute, patient was located prior to their arrival by Moscow PD. Later the next morning just before 09:15am, crews where dispatched for a reported vehicle fire, approx 20 feet from a residence. Tanker 29 responded to the scene and arrived to find the vehicle approximately 5 feet from a structure but luckily the homeowner had contained the fire with a fire extinguisher prior to fire department arrival. Firefighters performed overhaul, ensuring the fire had been extinguished before leaving the scene. Just a few hours later, just after 1:30pm, crews where again summoned for a reported motor vehicle accident, rollover, Hamlin Highway & Aberdeen Road. Rescue 29 provided scene safety and traffic control until being released by PSP.

Seatbelts Prevent Injury in Violent Interstate Crash

A Dodge Challenger heading westbound on Interstate 84 tonight, went off the roadway into the median, striking the guardrail and rolling three times before coming to rest in the eastbound lanes. Crews where called out just before 3am tonight, originally for EMS only to assist PSP for a patient evaluation on a motor vehicle accident. EMS arrived on scene and reported a vehicle in the middle of the interstate with fluids down. Rescue was dispatched to the scene and arrived to find fluids down and debris all over the Interstate. Crews made quick work to contain the fluids and clear the debris from the Interstate while EMS obtained two patient refusals. 


Units on scene: Rescue 29, 29-9 (EMS), Pennsylvania State Police

Driver Escapes Injury

A pickup truck pulling a large trailer full of sheet metal on its way to Connecticut went off Interstate 84, into a wooded area, this morning. The driver, who barely missed hitting a large tree head-on, escaped without injury. Crews where dispatched just before 8am this morning for a reported tractor trailer off the Interstate, into a wooded area. EMS would mark on scene reporting a pickup truck off the interstate, driver confined to the vehicle. Rescue crews soon arrived on scene and make access to the driver.

Afternoon Structure Fire

Crews where dispatched just a few hours before our annual Carnival on the Mountain was supposed to open for the evening, for a reported possible brush fire, caller can smell smoke in the area of Half Mile Road, Jefferson Township. Chief 29 marked enroute to the scene and arrived, transmitting a priority message, to report a working structure fire, detached garage on fire and several piles of tires and rubbish on fire with multiple exposure issues to vehicles. Lackawanna County 911 upgraded the box alarm to a structure box bringing in additional resources from outside of Jefferson Township. Engine 29 arrived on scene and quickly put two handlines into operation to knock down the fire. Tanker 68 was next to arrive on scene and setup water supply. A third handline was put into operation to bring the fire under control. Multiple other resources where utilized for overhaul.


Units on scene: Engine 29, Rescue 29, Tanker 29, Tanker 68, Ladder 68, Tanker 21, Tanker 15, Engine 15, Engine 1-1, Engine 67-5, Supply 56, Rescue 25, Ambulance 29-8, Ambulance 21-9, Commonwealth EMS Rehab.

Afternoon Accident Snarls Traffic & Injuries Three

A afternoon accident on Mt Cobb Road sent three people to the hospital. A mini-van traveling east on Mt Cobb Road, left the roadway, striking two utility poles. Rescue 29 arrived on scene to find the driver confined to the vehicle. Rescue personnel quickly stabilized the vehicle and performed a partial removal of the driverside of the mini-van. All three occupants where transported to the hospital.

Firefighters Attend NPSD Career Day

Firefighters from Jefferson Twp and other communities from throughout the North Pocono Area recently attended the North Pocono School District Career Day. Firefighters spoke to several hundred students about volunteering in their community with local emergency service organizations and explained how volunteering, as young as 14 years old, can help the student make future career decisions as we interact with multiple different career paths.

Structural Firefighting Training

Firefighters from Jefferson, Lake Ariel, Moscow and Gouldsboro spent their Saturday morning and afternoon reviewing structural firefighting drills at the Pike County Fire Training Center. Crews had hands on experience with both first floor and second floor fires. Crews also reviewed victim search and rescue skills. Thank you to our instructors and everyone who attended and made this another successful training experience.

Weekend High Angle Rope Rescue Training

Firefighters from Jefferson, Elmhurst, Moscow, and Gouldsboro spent their Saturday & Sunday practicing some high angle rope rescue victim removal training skills as part of the Rope 3 program. Firefighters trained in multiple different patient removal and packaging situations including two rope offset rescues. Great work by all who participated.



Wayne County Brush Fire Spreads to Structure

Engine & Tanker 29 responded into Wayne County to assist Lake Ariel Fire Company on a brush fire that spread to a nearby vacant structure on Easton Turnpike.Engine 29, just clearing from a vehicle fire, was only minutes from the scene. arrival, crews assisted with overhaul and cleanup. Quick work by crews on scene contained the fire.  Tanker 29 was cancelled enroute and returned to service.

Afternoon Crash Injures Two

Two people where transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries after a two car crash this afternoon at the intersection of Cortez Road & Archbald Mountain Road. Crews where dispatched just after noon today for the report of a crash with injuries. Rescue 29 arrived on scene to find all occupants out of the vehicles but a signifiant amount of debris and fluids down in the roadway. Rescue personnel split with one crew tending to the hazards while the second crew tended to the injured parties until EMS assumed patient care.


Units on scene: Rescue 29, Car 29, Ambulance 29-8, Ambulance 67-4, Pennsylvania Ambulance, 29-PD